When we work out we often forget about our hand grip instead, we train our biceps, triceps and all our other body parts and muscles. Hand grip training is the most undervalued area of training out. That’s a total shame as the hand grip is the most important grip a person should have.

When you pitch a baseball, throw a cricket ball, or swing a racket, you would need your hand grip to do all of these things. Even when working out the other muscles, the hand grip is used to life up the weights. The hand grip matters in real life activities too, such as lifting your suitcase, opening Jars and bottles or heck a firm handshake! All of these require a decent hand grip.

What you might not realize is that grip training does much more than provides you with a firm handshake, forearms like Popeye, and helps you open that pickle jar.

The truth is that little bit of grip training goes a long way. It can pay huge dividends on all other areas of strength and fitness. For starters, poor grip strength is a hugely limiting factor when it comes to other exercises such as dead lifts, pull ups, lunges, rows, bench etc. When your grip strength improves, the rest of your lifts will follow suit.


Types of Hand Grip training and when to use them

Grip training is not limited to squeezing stress balls or grippers. There is more than one kind of grip strength. Here are the types of Hand Grips.

  • The Crush Grip is the grip between your fingers and your palm—the one you use for shaking hands and crumpling beer cans.
  • The Pinch Grip is the grip between your fingers and your thumb. This can be further sub categorized into individual fingers + thumb grip.
  • The Support Grip is the ability to maintain a hold on something for a while—think pull ups or long and productive shopping trips.


The grip training depends on what type of grip training you want to do. Grip training can be useful for Martial artists for things like grabs and all. The Pinch grip might be useful for the climbers along with the support grip. The type of training depends on you.

How to train your grips

Since there are different kinds of grips, we have different kind of methods to strengthen them. We have gathered different king of methods to make sure you have a strong hand grip. Here are a few methods which you can use to strengthen your hand grips.



Get a pull up bar installed in your house, get on it and your feet off the floor and Hold onto it. This exercise may look simple but it strengthens your support grip. Most of the people find it difficult to do a pull up. This exercise will help to overcome the hanging bar issue.

Hanging for a lot of time can result in an excellent way, and could be the best exercise to strengthen your hand grip. Try holding the bar in different ways such as, the chin up style, the pull up way, and neutral, mixed or even hooks.

To increase the level of difficulty, widen the bar you are using. Either wraps a towel or sweatshirt to make it wider. Another way for a pull up is to hang a towel or a rope from it. Grab the ends and try to perform pull ups or hang this way.

Hex Dumbbell Lifting

There is a tool many strongmen use called a “blob.” Many people make their own by cutting the ends off of hex dumbbells. As we don’t have any dumbbells that we can cut apart at the moment, we turn them into pseudo-blobs by grabbing the hex ends and trying to lift them.

This can be done two-handed (one hand on top of each end in a pinch-grip fashion), or one-handed (dumbbell on its side, one hand grasping the end width wise). This is much more difficult than it sounds, especially if you have mini-hands like we do.

Hook Grip Kettle bell Swinging

The kettle bell swinging helps the endurance. Even without the hook grip this is one tough grip workout. One should do it with one hand till the grip gives out and repeat the same with the other hand to make sure both of the hand grip strength are at the same level.

To have a major fat burning experience, keep switching back and forth this way. To make it even more difficult, wrap a towel or sweatshirt around the bell to make it wide or one can use thick gloves as well. This exercise will strengthen your hand grip. Increase the difficultly level of the exercise only when you feel like it is getting easier.

Plate Curls:

Plate curl is the wonderful way to strengthen your grip along with finger and wrist strengths.  Grab a weight plate of appropriate poundage. Hold it in your palm with your thumb over the top and your fingers extended over the bottom. Do bicep curls like that?

Sandbag Dead lifts:

Sandbag dead lifts is another way of strengthen your hand grip. Fill a few trash bags with sand and load them into a canvas duffel bag, or buy a commercial sandbag. We advise you to not use the handles of the sandbag. Instead, try to pick it up, dead lift style, by pinching/crushing the material of the bag.


If you perform these types of hand grip strengthening exercises, your hand grip will increase and you’ll have a firmer handshake. Though we advise you not to over do any of the mentioned exercises as if you over do them you’ll feel pain in your grips and instead of strengthening them you’ll weaken them. We hope you follow our guidelines and strengthen your hand grip.