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Stop Farting: How to get rid of those embarrassing sounds naturally ?

How to stop farting


How to stop fartingThe embarrassing sounds you produce due to gastric buildup in your digestive system are called farting. The breaking wind or farting is also called flatulence. You like it or not, but it is natural. It is the part of human digestive system. Though it sounds funny, but trust me if you can its more painful inside.

What is flatulence?

Flatulence is the gas which passes through by the anus with noise and smells most of the time. This gas passed through in medical terminology is known as flatus. The flatus is mixture of different gasses like nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen and methane. That stinky smell is due to ammonia or Sulfur compounds which is hardly 1% in volume.

Flatulence can be a source of embarrassment, especially when the smell is stinky or the voice is loud. It is definitely an unbearable for the one who farts and the one sitting close to that person. I guess every one of us has gone through this where we have to hold our breath to hold the fart. Nobody wants to be around a person who farts a lot. It can be unpleasant when someone is sitting around you.

Have you ever been alone in an elevator and praying no one gets in just because you farted? And then you thought why do I fart so much? Are you worried people might find out what you ate the last time? Ok, that was Yuk. But, it does happen when someone finds out you farted and they wrinkle their nose and squint their eyes. Have you been the victim of farting in public? Do you desperately want to know how to stop farting? You are certainly on the right platform. I will share some facts about flatulence and some magical remedies to get rid of farts.

Causes of farts:

  1. Spicy food:

spicy food cause farts

There are some bacteria present in your intestine which helps to digest the food. Certain food like dairy products, spicy food, cabbage, meat, potato, beans can act negatively with the bacteria present in your intestine which causes the formation of gasses.

  1. Carbonated drinks:

carbonated drink

Any form of fizzy drinks or fluids causes gas, which is the result of farting. Even the chewing gum causes gases as it has air stored in it.

  1. Smoking:


Smoking is harmful either way; there is no advantage of smoking. The worst part of smoking is, when you take a sip you inhale a lot of air when traps in your food pipe and later passes through the small intestine and then exerts from your body in the form of fart.

  1. Medication:

When you take medicines on a regular basis, it increases the bacteria inside which causes farting.

Doctors have figured out that some people have a bad digestive system and the reason is obvious, they don’t eat healthy. The key to everything is to eat healthy, be it gastric problems or any other issue. You are still inquisitive to know how to get rid of these farts?

Have you ever thought why the farts smell so bad?

The answer to this question is long, but I will keep it compact. The farts are the evidence of the gasses present in your body, gases like hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen. When these gasses combine with the gases present in your stomach like hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans, it gets really difficult to breathe in that air. These stinky and smelly farts usually occur when we increase the intake of food which contains sulfur like egg, cheese, meat, cabbage etc.

Do I need to worry?

Farting is a nature of human body; you can’t run away with the fact. But, if the gases in your stomach are causing bloating and pain in lower abdomen, you need to consult a doctor. If it happens rarely or often you should control on your diet.

The food you intake goes many processes, the indigestive food particles are the reason of farts. If you eat everything in a minimal quantity you can be at ease. Don’t need to worry, just eat healthy and avoid the foods mentioned above for the time. If the smell is discomforting you then go to your family doctor.


You can always get rid of these noisy and smelly farts. All you need to do is balance your diet and stay away from certain food. Here are some for your help.

  1. Be cautious of carbs intake:

Some carbs are only bad for your body, while others are complex. More or less, these carbs produce flatulence and they simmer more than let’s say protein. If you still crave for carbs late night go for unprocessed carbs, they produce less flatulence. You have to compromise a little on your taste buds.

  1. Replace the intake of gaseous food with non gaseous food:

Increase the intake of probiotics, it has a special acid which breaks down the food and help in digestion. Food like yogurt, pickles, soya sauce is some of the examples. The fermented food has marginal effects, it lower down the nutritional value of the food. For example if beans cooked with alcohol will change the form of food intake and will be helpful in digestion.

  1. Easy on chewing:

If you are faster eater and finish the food in first on the table, you certainly have to leave this habit. When you chew faster you inhale air more, when you chew slowly the air doesn’t get a chance to go in your mouth. Similarly, it goes for chewing gum it captures the air inside and there is no way for it to come out then farts.

If now you don’t know this ‘why I fart so much’, you will never know. Here are some tested and easy home remedies that can help you to get rid of farts and gastric problems in a go.


  1. Peppermint tea:

pepperment tea

Peppermint is best for soothing your churning tummy. It lowers down your gastric pain. It contains essential oil which has menthol in it which gives an antispasmodic effect to the digestive track. It also lowers down the stress and tension. Drink a cup of peppermint tea twice a day after lunch and dinner to keep the digestive system smooth.

Boil 1 cup of water and pour 1 tea bag of peppermint, let it stay in for 15 minutes so the water extracts all the goodness of the tea. Once it cools down, drink it.

  1. Ginger the tummy tamer:


Ginger has thousands of benefits. Whether nausea is bothering you or indigestion or flu, ginger is there to the rescue. The chemical components it possesses naturally can do wonders. There are two chemicals present gingerols and shgaols which relax the inflammation and help to reduce the gasses formed.

In a pan add 2 cup of water, let it boil till it one cup is left, also add 1 ginger root. Let it cool down add honey and lemon for flavor. Drink twice a day after lunch and dinner.

  1. Eat caraway seeds or crackers:

caraway-seedsFrom centuries caraway seeds are used to get rid of the air trapped in the body. Middle age in England, caraway seeds were eaten to get rid of the gases trapped in human body. It is indeed the most effective way of digestion. Keep munching some caraway seeds all the day; it will surely make you ask this why don’t I fart so much? Ok that was a joke.

When you are bloated, it is really painful to pass a gas. By munching a hand full of caraway seeds, the trapped gas will find its way out and the bloating will be gone.

  1. Chamomile tea:

Chamomile teaIf peppermint tea doesn’t suits your taste buds or doesn’t help you much, chamomile definitely will do it. In Germany, herbal practice is incomplete without chamomile. They say chamomile is capable of anything. It is so effective; it reduces the heart burn, acidity, and gases. And is a good source of digestion. While on the other hand peppermint is only helpful indigestion.

Boil one cup of water, add one tea bag of chamomile and let the compounds infuse in the water properly for 15 minutes. Add honey and lemon for flavor, avoid milk as it trigger gas.

  1. Apple cider vinegar:

apple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar has a history of benefits. It helps in digestion and weight loss as well. Yes, the most important part for all women reading this. This will give your stomach a soothing effect and will treat your gastric problem all by its own.

Take one cup of warm water add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Once it comes down on room temperature you can have it. Drink it twice as it also helps to reduce weight.

  1. Cinnamon:


Cinnamon reduces the formation of gas in your stomach. It has many other numbers of benefits like it lower down your cholesterol level in a go. You can eat cinnamon powder with water or you can have it in a form of tea.

In 2 cup of boiling water add 1-2 sticks of cinnamon, in case you have powder add ½ tsp and let it boil for good 15-20 minutes. When 1 cup is left pour it in a mug and add honey or lemon flavor and enjoy.

  1. Baking soda or lemon:


Baking soda and lemon are considered as conventional treatment for gas. Together they can do wonders.

Do you want to see fizzing? Take one glass of normal water add baking soda in it and one lemon squeezed. This will form a fizzy texture, add a little more soda and stir it till it dissolves completely. You can do this empty stomach as well to get rid of farts.

  1. Eat papaya:

papaya benefits

Papaya is used as digestive product for meat. It is used to tender the meat in the food. It also helps to digest the food and reduce the gasses in no time. Eat as much as you like, even if you don’t like it eat half papaya a day.

This will help to slow your skin as well as it trims down the gases which cause farting.

Nobody wants to be a farting machine with that weird odor which comes out when you fart. Though this process is natural but there ways ‘as mentioned above’ to cut down the gastric effect or finishes it completely. Hold your laugh before you read this, do a favor to yourself don’t hold the trapped gas inside. Run to the bathroom or any open air area and let the gas go out in the wind.

If you keep holding the gas inside it will only become a problem for you. The bloating will only vanish if your stomach is clear and no unnecessary gas is left inside. Follow these instructions and you will admit it that these farts can be in your control.




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