From Insomnia to Parkinson’s disease, aerobics can help you ward off illnesses for good. Read on to live an enjoyable, fit & healthy life every day.

Aerobic Exercises :

Aerobic, more commonly known as cardio, is a form of low to high intensity physical exercise. Aerobic literal meaning is “involving, requiring or relating to free oxygen”. A typical aerobic session increases the heart rate and breathing rate to burn more fats (more on that later). It works on the rule of pumping one’s heart rate up. This oxygenated blood supplied by heart to the working muscles meets energy demands during an exercise session. Typically Aerobic exercises include: running, walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, skiing, dancing, hiking, spinning, various cardio machines and kickboxing.

What are anaerobic exercises?

If performed at a very high intensity, aerobics (or aerobic exercises) become anaerobic.

Why should I start doing aerobics?

Aerobics is a slow process and produces even long term results. It sure requires dedication and a fair amount of energy but once you have successfully incorporated it into your daily routine; you can enjoy the perks of physical activity. Your body will not only be active throughout the day, but by the course of time it will increase your stamina and metabolism. Now there are two conditions

  1. Either you aim to lose weight or
  2. struggling to maintain your present body structure

Either ways aerobics is your best friend. Now, before you decide to start to make it a routine, here are just some key notes, the basics about aerobics and the concept behind how it works with your system.

Aerobic Exercise Benefits

Aerobics refers to the physical activity that engages your body at moderately constant rate, and it takes your heart to the point where it functions better and provides maximum benefit to the system.aerobic - running Initially, your body will burn the fatty acid as a result of high intensity activity and with time your body will start getting healthier. But please note that every physical activity is not aerobics. The thumb rule is that it should be performed at uniform or constant pace and should have repetition in the activity, including most of muscle of the body like arms and legs etc. Let’s say aloud a few of the activities to clear our head before moving on.

  1. Jogging, walking or running at a constant speed is considered aerobics. Here we may also include rigorous hiking for our mountaineer friends.
  2. Playing single tennis for a long time may also fall under the category. Although double tennis where the pace and movement is unpredictable may fall into exception from the list. Here let’s make the point clearer that all the sports are not aerobics, but those are slow and moderate in pace played regularly are part of the plan.

Now, to our couch potato friends, you don’t have to run to get your heart in place, some of these activities can be done at home as well, anything to keep you moving. Mowing lawn using push mowers, swimming, ball room dancing and even light yoga done regularly for a long period of time may provide you with the benefits of aerobics. But hey! Who need to mow a lawn daily? Ahh these experts do anything to get us going. Kudos! The idea is clear now, let’s come back to the topic. Why all these health experts do ask us to incorporate it in our life? Why should you decide to dedicate some time for your health?

Medical Benefits of Aerobics

A lot of research and studies are now focused on how to keep the human body healthier and provide passive immunity means to prevent the body against chronic and deadly diseases. To our surprise the result of most of these studies are linked with aerobics i.e. the importance of physical activities done as a part of the routine. It helps our heart to stay stronger for a longer period of time. Not only this, but such an exercise or physical activity also helps our muscles and body to stay independent as our age passes by.

A Research on Migraine Affected Individuals

Quoting here the facts from a study conducted on how aerobics can help people suffering from migraine regularly. The experiment was conducted by providing an exercise program to a bunch of people suffering from migraine that included activities like indoor cycling. The objective was to maximize the oxygen intake to the body and targeting to the fact that exercise often worsens the migraine pain. Now, all the folks who can relate themselves with this problem, there is more for you in this study. By the end of designed treatment routine, a great progress was reported in terms of decrease in the number of migraine attacks per day followed by weeks & months and decrease in the intensity of the pain as well. So, we can say this as a fact that well-designed and researched activities for aerobics results in better quality of life. So, don’t give yourself reason to be less active if you face such a problem.

Better Sleep

Next advantage is also linked with the latest medical research; this aims to investigate how physical exercise or aerobics can help to improve a person’s sleep or helps in the treatment of insomnia’s patients. Better sleepThis study was conducted and monitored by the American Institute of sleep medicine in which total 36 patients were observed over a certain amount of time. These people were divided into 3 groups; one was assigned to do slow aerobics, the other moderate aerobics and the third one with ultra-fast intensity of aerobic exercise. The result was concluded that the second group that conducted aerobics at a moderate pace showed the most improvement. Overall sleep time as well as quality was increased and a decrease in the rate of anxiety was observed.

Parkinson’s Disease Cure

Recent studies have also revealed that engaging your body with a sport or physical activity can also help prevent Parkinson’s disease or any other chronic illness as mentioned earlier. Here is a supporting reason: as defined by Dr. Ashlokog in his book. He mentioned time and again the importance of aerobics to aid brain and heart to function better; he referred it as beneficial as a fertile is to a grass. He says that as a result of the exercise that involves high oxygen intake you sweat more and your body temperature is also raised, producing trophic factors – that act like small protein to the brain helps the system to stay strong against such diseases and hearts to stay independent and healthy for a longer period of time. Off course it comes along with more perks for instance, it will help the brain to perform better in aging. According to some facts, it can help the brain to stay younger and efficient up to 12 years. Now, that sounds like a long-term plan. Better is the brain all our organs and muscles will perform better as well.

Memory Loss

Speaking of its assistance to the brain, it helps in memory loss as well. This all seems to be irrelevant if you are a young reader, but as I said plan it long-term, your body will thank you in late 60’s or so. To prove this fact a comparative analysis study was conducted to compare the results of stretching, yoga and exercise along with and without regular mild or moderate aerobics. The participants of this experiment were all aged people and were divided into two groups. The research was conducted for a year. The one with the aerobics performed better in the memory test. Not only that, but their brains were also found healthier than the others. This was concluded after performing several tests.

Feel Relaxed and Calm

benefits of aerobicsJust a silver lining among these juicy medical facts, once you have performed aerobics and done with the exercise, you will feel better, more fresh and ready to face the world with a lot of focus and determination. Basically, bottom line to this silver lining is that exercise of any sort also flushes negative energy and leaves you with more concentration to achieve your goals.


Enough Reasons to Conduct Aerobics on Regular Basis

So, we have more than one reason now why you should help yourself and start improving the quality of your life because only you are responsible for yourself. It is very important for a person to understand the value of health at the right time, keeping in mind the amount of junk we have allowed to be a part of our lives just because it is easier and accessible. At first it will be hard, but you need to keep it light according to your stamina. Once you have got it into the routine increase it slowly. You don’t want your fat to stay there, right? Get it away and keep going. It will allow you to clear your head and provide you with a certain degree of commitment and focus that will help you to perform better in all walks of life.

How to make the most out of it?

If you are willing to take another step pair aerobics with clean eating. You will be amazed to see how more efficiently your body will perform. Don’t kill your heart, you can always have a cheat day. But be your friend. 🙂 Weight loss mission is always a struggle, right? Because we are so much dependent on fatty and preservatives that some of us have just accepted it as our fate, luck or life. But it’s not luck, it’s a choice that you have made for yourself. The point here is that crash dieting or locking yourself in the gym is not the solution, but to slowly and gradually bring a change in your lifestyle should be your aim. Now fitting in your favorite jeans can be one motivation. It’s an ongoing process with endless results. Aerobics can help you while bringing that change in your life. Take small steps, but stick to it. Experiment and observe where your heart lies as I said even mowing lawn is helpful. Your body needs a good amount of oxygen and it’s stronger over time when aerobics becomes the catalyst to do so.

How to Incorporate it in your Life without any Extra Effort?

A lot has been said about why you should start aerobics now let’s talk about how we can add it in our lives.

  1. For starters, a brisk morning walk along with a good company to keep your brain engaged is enough.
  2. Swimming, skiing or running, pick your choice for the weekend. Make it like a group thing with a bunch of friends you don’t get to meet every day. The routine may last longer this way.
  3. Take baby steps, this is not competition, you have to do it for yourself only, trust me, no other reason can keep you committed. Gradually increase your workout time and complexity take as long as it takes. Don’t expect yourself to be fit and fine overnight.
  4. It took you long enough to put up the weight, don’t dream it to fade away overnight.
  5. Once you are motivated spread the positivity in the air, ask your family to join in and if you are a parent yourself, keep it in mind the more active you are the children will see and copy you. It will help them making aerobics a part of their lives at an early age.
  6. Treat yourself every now and then. At first set short-term goals, for example promise yourself that you will wake up for 30 min walk every morning for next 5 days. After the challenges give yourself a treat, it helps to keep motivated. Later you can set some long-term goals as well.
  7. Just a tip that might work for you, read about health, aerobics, yoga exercise. It will not only help you to stay on track, but will keep you well-informed how to acquire a balance way of life. Now a days, YouTube is super helpful as well. There is enormous information about how you can use aerobics as a tool to help you lose weight or just to feel better lighter and healthier. Just follow their lead initially than carve your own path.
  8. Select your activities wisely; remember you should always have a partner: a human or headphones whichever suits you better.
  9. If you are a junk food lover, restrict yourself and think about the hard work you did earlier. Junk food is made rot your body. You don’t want those medical bills in your 40’s? So get up and get going.
  10. Yoga is always helpful, to regulate calamity in life. Include light yoga stretches every morning along with your aerobics. It helps the muscles to relax and stay in control.
  11. Select a few soundtracks, neither too fast or too slow and just dance your heart out 20 mins each day or so. It’s helpful by all means.

Wrapping Up

The importance of aerobics is revealed now in almost all the health researches and studies. It does not mean that other sports and exercises are not useful. Aerobics is highly recommended to be a part of life for better results. So be patient, you will never regret for this hard work. Try to have fun and to be with your heart and soul. Later in life, your heart and soul will be thankful for all jamming sessions. Every one of us deserves a better quality of life. It is our choices that will make the difference. Aerobics is your friend for life time. The one you can count on. Click To Tweet. The one that will not leave your side when you grow old. It will hold your hand let you pass through the storm of illness that your body might have gone through.